Who is Merlot Construction?

"Hello, I’m Peter Deall and thank you for coming to Merlot’s website!"

This website is designed to showcase the most important thing we do - which is to help our clients grow their clubs while saving money.

When building this website we debated putting up all the industry awards we have won, but at the end of day what really matter is how we can help you.

Which is why we have packed this website with our client's comments

You’re probably looking for the key facts such as:

I started the business with partners in 1994, so we have over 20 successful years of design and construction in residential, commercial but primarily the services intensive hospitality sector.

Peter Deall - Managing Director
Merlot Constructions Pty Ltd.

Turnover has varied between $6m and $15m per year.projects have mainly been for the same repeat clients, who enjoy a great comfort in knowing our tight cost control and innovative designs to give them stand out extensions or renovations.

Often award winning but always income increasing.

What do we do differently from the rest?

Our site staff of over twenty years are keenly aware of the customers’ needs; clean tidy site, speedy construction and a co-operative attitude that has included unloading keg trucks when the cellar-man is short staffed.

Our design team have a secret weapon that will give you the risk free cost-controlled project putting you in the driver’s seat to steer the work and details to what YOU WANT not what suits us necessarily.

Please call us to show you a unique engagement system that basically allows you to try before you buy, and flushes out all unknowns before you commit!

Meanwhile please take a little time to read what our clients have enthusiastically wanted to go into print to tell you about their valuable experience in improving their clubs.

Plus, we have available for you a video on this page that spells out why clubs choose us and if have not entered you details in for our FREE booklet titled Club Design 101 - I suggest you take a moment to do that now.

If you want more help, I am contactable on 02 8850 0078 to answer any of your questions and assist you in achieving your next club fitout or club construction project.

Important Merlot company contacts and information

  • Our Solicitors - Matthews Folbigg c: Phillip Brophy 02 9806 7453
  • Our Accountants - Gelonesi de Bertolli c: Frank Gelonesi 02 8707 0300
  • Public Liability - $20,000,000.00
  • Professional Indemnity - $10,000,000

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